Thursday, March 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Sweet The Hulk is home tonight! What a blessing! Last night The Hulk made huge improvements! He slept for a good 6 hours which was a big improvement and woke up this morning with bright eyes. His lab work this morning showed no signs of infection. He does continue to have some respitory problems but they are treating that as asthma. So the doctors agreed to release him if I would follow there specific instructions for his care and administor the 7 yes 7 medications they sent him home with!

I of course agreed! So after his last round of iv medications we broke out of the hospital and came on home. As soon as we walked in the house he got so excited. He and Lena played and he was all over the house getting his toys and checking things out. He also ate a good dinner which is a big improvement as he wasn't eating much at the hospital. And now he is resting in his own bed. Hopefully he will get a long night of sleep. I think that would help him a lot.

So he is still on several types of steroids, an antibiotic just to be on the safe side, and some other meds for his lungs. He gets breathing treatments administered by me every four hours, and lots of hugs and kisses. I would think all of that would help him tremendously in the next few days. He will stay on the breathing treatments for at least three weeks and then we will reassess and see if he needs to remain on asthma meds or if we can move forward without them.

I have some pics below that show him the first few days in the hospital and then some from this evening. You can tell the improvement just in his eyes. You can also tell that he is a little puffy from the steriods. That is pretty common and he may get a little puffier in the coming days. But he was already pretty puffy to start with so that's nothing new.

Thanks again for the prayers you have already prayed and the ones you continue to pray for my sweet boy. I really do believe that all the prayers and the hand of God brought us home so quickly!

Clickin Mama

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