Friday, March 27, 2009

The Terrible Horrible Awful No Good Very Bad Day!

It has been a rotten day here. In fact it's just been a down right very bad day here. One of the worst days The Hulk and I have ever had together. We are usually right in sync and everything is pretty much smooth sailing. But we hit some rough waters today and it was very very bad! Neither one of us is feeling very good so I'm sure that has something to do with it.

This morning when I woke up I still wasn't feeling that great. I threw up a couple of times in the middle of the night but I really needed to get some stuff done at work. So I took The Hulk to daycare and I headed to the office. I was there about an hour when I started throwing up again. And it came on so fast that I didn't have time to make it to the bathroom or even the trash can. Yes indeed I threw up all over my desk. NICE! So I finished up my projects and called it a day. My head was pounded, my stomach hurt and I just wanted a shower and my bed.

But you see that couldn't happen quickly. Oh no it could not! I try to turn down my street and there is a road closed sign and they are working on the railroad tracks. Great! So I think I'll take the back way in and go about 6 blocks down and you guessed it! ROAD CLOSED!!! So I take a lovely 10 mile detour that only took about 15 minutes because I had to stop to throw up on the side of the road three times and finally arrived at my house. Once here though I quickly showered and crashed. I did sleep for about five hours and then went and got The Hulk.

When I got to daycare to get him in was in the middle of throwing a fit. This are becoming more common. I think it is due to frustration. There is so much he wants to do but he just can't yet. He hasn't quite figured out his limitations. So fit throwing occurs and we all just try to ignore it in hopes it will stop....

But we get home and I feed him and I think all is well until breathing treatment time. He was having none of that! You would have thought I was trying to cut off his fingers the way he carried on. But he is barking like a seal so he has to have it. So he cried and screamed and kicked the whole time. I'm thinking that is a good sign his lungs are functioning though.

To make up for the breathing treatment torture I got out a few of his new favorite toys and tried to play with him in my "I'm so excited to play with The Hulk" way. For that I got a little people toy slammed into my tooth! I wanted him to have the little people toys. What was I thinking? Those damn little people hurt! So I tried to regroup and get out his new drum and tambourine and maracas. He loves music so this will be good. Nope, this brings about a lay down on the floor sobbing turn into a pile of mush fit! Music man he was not!

So that was my cue that bedtime was near. I gave him a bottle which he chucked across the room, I tried to rock him at which point he arched his back and screamed. So The Hulk got laid in his bed to cry it out. Except get this. There was no crying. I laid him down in the bed, he looked up at me, smiled, laughed, rolled over and went to sleep! I guess he was worn out.

Here's to hoping tomorrow is a much better day!!!!

Clickin Mama

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