Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bye Bye Steroids

Goodbye nasty steroids! The Hulk is officially done with the steroids! Praise GOD!!!! Those things turned my sweet baby boy into a little monster! Seriously last night he threw a fit for 2 1/2 hours! I'm not kidding. There was screaming, crying, flopping, kicking, thrashing, nasty baby boy behavior occurring at our house. I didn't know that a kids bones can dissolve and turn into jello making it impossible to pick the thrashing jello blob up off the floor. But they can! For the first 30 minutes I tried to be loving and supportive. I tried to soothe and cuddle him. Then after that I just took some Tylenol and let him carry on while I made tutu's for the little girls I take pictures of. I figured if I ignored the behavior it would stop. When it didn't I resorted to a very mature and supportive parenting technique. I laid down on the floor beside him and threw my own fit. I fake cried and flopped around and guess what it worked. He slowly sat up and stared at me and then started laughing. Crazy kids! Tonight he was back to happy boy!

We did have our follow up appointment today with the doctor and he took him off the steroids but left him on the breathing treatments. He will only have to do one treatment a day. If he has an attack I can give him more treatments as needed. But hopefully we can avoid another bad attack!

Here are some pictures of The Hulk and his cousin Kerrington. The Hulk is always very enthralled by her. He likes to hold her hands, rub her head, and occasionally fish hook her in the mouth. He teeters on the edge of good cousin/bad cousin frequently. This was a good day though.

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