Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm feeling totally random today. There are too many thoughts in my head for a very focused post... So you get to try to follow along with the radomness of me...

I've been thinking a lot about our recent hospital stay. I've been playing things over in my mind and I am just amazed at how well it all went. I know that sounds crazy but I've heard such horror stories about kids and hospital visits that I really thought it would be worse. In fact I had several horrible hospital stays with my mom when she was sick. But honestly we got such amazing care and met some really great people. I hate it that The Hulk was that sick but I'm so grateful that it was a positive experience rather than a traumatic one. Honestly a lot of good came out of it. Not only did The Hulk get better but we were able to share our adoption story with so many people. Almost every nurse that came in asked about how I adopted him, if it was an open adoption, etc. It was so nice to share our story and hopefully display such a positive adoption situation. So often single parent and transracial adoptions get bad press so it was a real blessing to share with them.

Also looking back now it was pretty amazing to me that when we were doing the admit process and they were asking a million and one questions about The Hulk that I knew all the answers. And it hit me then. He really is my son! I know in my head and heart that he is mine but it really made it dawn on me that I am honestly the only person in the whole world that knows all the answers about The Hulk. No one else can say that! Heather can come close, Darby can come close, Shawn and Amanda can come close. But I am the only one that gets them all right! How cool is that? And I was worried that baby wouldn't bond to me! We are pretty dang bonded!

Speaking of bonded The Hulk now calls me MaMa! I love that. He started doing it in the hospital and it has stuck! I love love love it! He also says no no no regularly too! Crazy kid! When I tried to change his diaper this morning I got a mama no no. Nice! He is already sassy.

And since I am so random I must tell you that today I was heading into my office and noticed a guy walking a large group of dogs. There were five of them total. And it seemed odd. Not so much the number of dogs but how weird they were all walking. So I stopped and watched as they came closer and realized it. All the dogs had something wrong with them. A couple only had three legs. One of them had four legs but one of them didn't work. Another one had something wrong with it's ear. Strange combo of dogs. But then I realized it. That guy is open to special needs dog adoption. How sweet is that!

Also last night I made sweet and sour chicken in the crockpot. It was yummy. After dinner I filled the crockpot with water and dishsoap to let it soak and was going to wash it this morning. But this morning when I came into the kitchen some crazy things were going on. The crock pot had water and lots and lots of bubbles pouring out of it! I couldn't figure out how this could have happened. But I actually left the crock pot on by accident and the water was boiling bubbles! Super!

So that's the radomness of me.... Also I'm working on a Q & A post. I have about 4 questions to do that people have emailed me. If you have any questions for me leave them in the comments and I'll add them in. Feel free to ask anything....

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