Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Hulk Update

Oh sweet The Hulk baby! He is still so very sick. But I think we are making progress in the right direction. Let's pray for that anyways. Here is what I know.

Yesterday his breathing really deteriorated. He was breathing very fast 70-85 resperations a minute and very gaspy/wheezy. When we got to the ER they immediately started breathing treatments and monitoring. After several breathing treatments and no improvement they decided to admit him.

We have a lovely room. There is a crib for The Hulk that I also call baby prision. He will bang things on the side of it when he wants out. And I have a chair bed that honestly isn't that uncomfortable. He has cute little hospital gowns with whales on them and he gets breathing treatments every 4 hours which he is starting to like. I think he has figured out they make him feel better.

He did have a tough time with the IV process. I really fought getting the IV at first but they can give him much stronger medications through it and I think that is best for him. He doesn't have to get any fluids through it and is allowed to have bottles and now some soft food. He hasn't been real interested in either. Every once in awhile he gets real hungry and then eats just a bit and is satisfied or worn out.

The tests for RSV and Flu came back negative but the lab work shows a big elevation in white blood cells. The docs just think he is fighting a nasty respitory infection. He does have a strong family history of asthma so that could also be complicating the situation. They are treating him for both.

This has been very difficult and scary. When his stats dropped today I was terrified. But he is a strong boy and we have a strong Lord. People everywhere are praying for him and that gives me so much peace. What a blessing faith is! Regardless you hate to see your child suffer. I just continue to thank God that this is temporary and something that is very treatable. And I encourage all of you to pray for all sick children. There are so many parents in hospital rooms tonight with babies much sicker than mine and I pray for them. God comfort them all!

I will say that our medical care has been excellent. Our doctors have been very meticulous and kind. They have answered all of my million questions. We have had great nurses with the exception of one grumpy nurse. But honestly the student nurses have been the best! These young guys and gals have given us the best care, have been the most patient with us, and have loved on my little guy the most. I love that we are at a teaching hospital with such great students!!!

We are all hopeful that The Hulk will turn the corner tonight and show great improvement tomorrow! He did rest this afternoon for 2 hours and woke up with a smile. Hopefully he can sleep a little tonight too. Again thank you for all of your prayers! We sure appreciate them!!!

Clickin Mama

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