Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Presents For A One Year Old

What in the world do you get a one year old for their birthday? Lots of people have been asking me what to get The Hulk for his birthday this weekend. Honestly I feel bad having people get him gifts. He has plenty of toys. But no matter what you tell people they will still buy gifts. So these are a few of his favorite things...

Balls! This kid loves balls. He likes to bounce balls, roll balls, throw balls, try to kick balls. He would be happy with a box of balls for hours on end!

Trucks and Cars! Anything he can push along the floor, over my leg, up the couch. He loves it. His new thing is pushing the trucks off the couch and laughing as they crash.

Sesame Street or Baby Einstein Videos! The Hulk gets to watch Baby Einstein sometimes while I'm getting ready in the morning and he really likes it. He also gets to watch 30 minutes of Sesame Street at daycare and loves it. Right now Sesame Street is a big hit. So any videos would be great.

Books! Always books. We have a ton but could never have to many! We read so much and love it.

Bath toys! Bath toys are super fun.

Balls! Did I mention that The Hulk likes balls. Maybe some of those big plastic $1 balls you can find at Wal-Mart. We could play with them outside when the weather is nice.

Shape Sorters and Little People Toys. Shape sorters are great because they are like blocks but also help teach shapes so that would be good. And I love the little people toys. I'm actually giving him the Little People Airplane set for his birthday. I love the Little People because they are culturally diverse, they encourage imaginative play, and because they remind me of my own childhood! We played with little people all the time. Gotta love that Little People Barn!

Also gift certificates to the Topeka or Wichita zoo would be great. Or a gift certificate to the local recreation center for swimming lessons would be awesome. Or you could make a donation to a children's charity or adoption agency in The Hulk' name. That would really make our day!

Most of all I just want to celebrate his birthday and our being together. No gifts necessary!

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