Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our New Ride

A year ago I was driving a kick ass Mercury Mountaineer. That vehicle was a little bit of heaven. It had heated seats, a sun roof, an amazing stereo system, leather, a beautiful gold paint job and a DVD player! I loved my Mountie! Now I drive an HHR. It's a boring predictable mom mobile. The payment is cheap and it gets great gas mileage. Sometimes the stereo works, it's easy to load a baby in and out and there is nothing flashy about it at all.

But this week I started driving something new. Something amazing! I finally have the high end flash back in my life. I am now the proud owner of the InStep Safari Jogging Stroller!!!! Check this baby out!

Not only does this stroller hold a 28 pound one year old comfortably with lots of room to grow but it came in this hip modern pattern. I love the turquoise and orange and brown! Rocking! And it has a sunroof! How cool is that! It also has cup holders for me and plenty of storage compartments! I can fit the diaper bag, my camera bag, and some other stuff in the bottom of it. Another feature is the adjustable handle bar! Every stroller should have an adustable handle bar. That makes it so much easier and comfortable to push. This stroller makes The Hulk and I very happy on our walks/jogs.

I also love the strollometer! It tells me the time, temperature, how long we have been walking, our average speed, and the distance we have traveled. AWESOME! Who needs a mountaineer when you can be cool like me with the InStep Stroller.

So things have changed and I'm not the coolest girl anymore. But I would like to think I'm a pretty cool mom. And even if I'm not this guy thinks I'm pretty cool all the time!

Clickin Mama

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