Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How To Help Stellan

I have had many emails today about Stellan. My brother even called me tonight on his way to work to see if I had heard anything new about Stellan and how he is doing. All I know at this time about his condition is what I have been reading on MckMama's blog. This is the most recent update!

Stellan is still fighting a hard battle and still needs our prayers. His parents also need our prayers. I really believe that praying is the best way we can help Stellan and the MckFamily at this time. But I know that many of you want to do more. So here are some other options to help if you would like. There is a care calender that has been started to help with meals and meeting the MckFamily's daily needs while Stellan is sick. This can be found here. There is also a name gallery that you can participate in. For more information about that you can visit here.

I hope this answers some of your questions. I would encourage each of you to continue in prayer for Stellan and family. I believe that a miracle is occurring before us. I don't know if Stellan will be healed here on earth or if he will be healed in his heavenly home. But I do know that thousands of people are praying for him, thousands of people are communicating with God about this little boy. And many of those people have never prayed before. That is a miracle! This little baby has brought so many people together in prayer and that blows my mind. So as you pray today for Stellan also ask God for guidance in your daily life. As you pray and contemplate how you can help Stellan also consider how you can help share the love of God with others. What a wonderful way to help Stellan and yourself at the same time!

Clickin Mama

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