Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Adopting Again...

Today the social worker from our adoption agency came out to visit. They needed to do our one year follow up visit. And we needed to talk about adoption #2! This is something I've been struggling with so much. When to move forward with the next adoption. But I feel much better after our meeting today.

I was clear with her about where I'm at financially (that's a big piece). I could afford raising two kids now but I'm not prepared yet for the huge adoption fees. I need some time to get my savings built back up. She totally understood that. I did let her know though that if the agency wanted to waive the fees I would be willing to move forward today. She didn't think they would be able to do that. Shocking right!

I was also really clear about where I'm at with the idea of adding a second baby to the mix. The Hulk and I are a good team and it seems a little to early for me to mix it up with another little one. And while The Hulk doesn't have major medical problems I really want to get the whole asthma thing stabilized before I add another in too. We are still fighting with finding the right med combo and I'm still doing treatments every 4 hours. I would just like to make sure he is completely on track before I push forward. The medical stuff is a huge financial piece too. His hospital stay was some bucks!

So after we talked all that out we agreed that we would meet again in December to start on paperwork and creating my profile and working on the home study. By the time all that was ready it would be January/February. She does think that I will match quickly this time around. When I told her I was counting on about a year again she laughed at me and said she would guess 6 months. I guess families are matching quickly right now.

I did at one point have her laughing so hard at me that I thought she was going to pee her pants. The pathetic part was I didn't even mean to make her laugh. We were filling out the profile paperwork and she asked me what races I was open to. I told her that I was open to anything but a white baby. She just looked at me and started laughing! I guess that is an odd answer. I just can't imagine having a white baby now. Nothing against any white babies out there. I love my nieces and they are white. It's just when I think of my family I think of me and my non white children. So that's just us. She can laugh all she wants but it makes sense to me....

So that's the deal... adoption wise!

Clickin Mama

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