Monday, March 2, 2009

Sick Baby

Well I do have one sick little boy. He had to stay home today from daycare to go to the doctor. Since I had to be in court for work and can't get out of that my step dad Monte stayed home with The Hulk and even took him to the doc. I'm sure he had his hands full but he acted like all was well whenever I called to check in.

They doctor did prescribe an antibiotic and some steroids. The antibiotic is no big deal but those steroids are created by the devil. Some of the side effects listed are difficulty sleeping, nervousness, increased appetite, and nausea. So what that really means is very limited sleeping to moments of crying then sleeping then crying then sleeping. Nervousness is really a nice way to say fussy, crying, meltdowns. And the whole increased appetite thing is just splendid mixed with nausea. All that means is there is 2 times the amount of puke to clean up! SUPER STEROIDS!!!!

So if this evening is any indication then we will have a long few days on those steroids!

Clickin Mama

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