Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby Whatcha Reading

My little guy loves to read. Well he loves to be have me read to him! He also loves to play with his books and look at the pictures. In all honesty he spends more time playing and looking at books than he does any other toys. And I LOVE that! I always enjoyed reading with my mom and I still enjoy reading to this day. I hope and pray that this is just the beginning of a long love affair with reading for The Hulk!

So whatcha reading baby boy?

Right now Sandra Boynton books are a huge hit at our house. We have several of her books. And they never get old. What I love about her books is that they are actually kinda funny. I don't get bored reading them to him over and over again. And the illustrations are great. So The Hulk and I both recommend them for your kids or as gifts for kids!

The Hulk has three baskets filled with books that are accessible to him pretty much all the time. He loves to dump them out and sort through his books. He stacks them, he bangs them together, he turns the pages, and sometimes he even eats them. But boy does he love his books!

Do you have any kids books to recommend? What book did you love as a kid?

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