Friday, January 30, 2009

Ten Months

Wow The Hulk is ten months old! Can you believe that??? I know neither can I. It has just flown by. Somedays it feels like yesterday that I got the call that he was my little guy. I remember that first drive home with him and how nervous and excited I was. How can he be 10 months old? But he is. And what a marvelous 10 month old he is. We took his 10 month pictures today and that was a real adventure. How I photograph other peoples kids with no problems is beyond me. He really gave me a run for my money today. After 271 pictures I ended up with 22 I like. So here are a few pics and few fun The Hulk 10 month old facts....

The Hulk weighs 26 pounds!
He wears 24 months/2T clothes!!!
He does a mean army crawl!

He eats everything except for quick oatmeal. He HATES and I mean HATES the quick oatmeal you microwave that comes in the flavors like Brown Sugar or Peaches and Cream!
He does love millet, old fashioned oats, and brown rice.
The Hulk thinks our dog Lena is the best thing in the world.

He still sleeps through the night going to bed at 6:00 and waking up about 7:00.
He takes a morning nap and an afternoon nap.
He loves bathtime
He likes to read books

Balls are his favorite toy
He won't keep shoes on
He likes to snuggle and wrestle

He says hi and da da and kurwa. I know you think Kurwa isn't a word but it is. It is a polish word!
He loves being outside
And he adores his mama!

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