Sunday, January 25, 2009

Odd Weekend

It has been one strange weekend at our house. The Hulk has changed so much in the last week and a half. It's really weird! It's like this huge developmental explosion. He is moving so much more which means he is into everything and checking it all out. So he has this boost of self confidence like he can do anything and everything. But then it's almost like he scares himself if that makes any sense.

Earlier this week he was a little fish in the bathtub. He was loving his toys. He was crawling all over the tub and splashing around and loving it. Then last night I go to put him in the tub and he flipped out! I mean really freaked out. He was hysterical. Sobbing and grabbing at me and trying to get out of the tub. It was the quickest bath in the history of the world I do believe.

And usually he kinda crawls around and plays with his toys and then does a check in. I call it check in but what happens is I sit on the floor and fold laundry or whatever and he crawls around and plays. Then about every 10-15 minutes he comes back to me to snuggle or play or interact and then goes and does his own thing again. But today he just couldn't be alone. Any and every time I left the room for even a second he would just sob. Real tears and the whole bit. I don't know why?

I get the feeling that the explosion may be overwhelming him some. He wants to do more things but I think he just doesn't understand it all. Or maybe I'm totally reading to much into this and he is just having a rough couple days. We all have bad days right...

So parents... weigh in... what do you think the deal is. He just turned 10 months old so could it be developmental??? Or what?

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