Friday, January 16, 2009

Sickly The Hulk

Oh this poor little The Hulk baby. He just doesn't feel good. We made the trip to the ER last night in the freezing cold and I'm not sure it was necessary. He seemed a lot worse at home but sure enough when we got there he perked up some. He does have an ear and upper respitory infection though so at least it wasn't a totally wasted midnight excursion.

We would have been home a lot sooner but the doctor couldn't seem to figure out what dosage of medicine to prescribe for him. He kept saying how big The Hulk is and that he was the biggest kid he had ever seen. He and the nurse debated for a good 30 minutes before he finally gave us a prescription. Needless to say all of his confusion didn't leave me real confident. So I double checked the dose with the pharmacist and Darby before I gave it to The Hulk. I didn't want to over medicate the poor kid.

Darby saved us this morning and came and watched The Hulk this morning so I could go get his meds filled. I didn't want to drag him out again when he doesn't feel well. So she came and played nurse. Wait she really is a nurse... So she came and loved on him while I did the dreaded Wal-mart run. Thanks Darby!

So now The Hulk is all medicined up and resting. He actually has done his seal bark cough in a good 30 minutes. Praise God! I hate that cough! I am gonna pick up the house some and then I might have to steal and afternoon nap with the little guy this afternoon. This mommy is tired!

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