Monday, January 19, 2009

Where's The Hulk

This week The Hulk started crawling. Well I don't know that you can say it's crawling. He kinda drags himself around. It's like a soldier crawl. He pulls himself forward with his arms. But seriously he is very fast at it! It's crazy! So a new adventure is beginning.

Since this is a new skill. About 3 days old now I under estimated his abilities. So this morning I went to bathroom at the back of the house. When I left him he was in the living room playing with his toys. When I came back about 4 minutes later he was gone! I couldn't find him. I had a moment of panic where I thought I was gonna throw up. Where's The Hulk, where's The Hulk, WHERE THE HELL IS THE HULK!!! I was screaming his name as I went room to room. And nothing!

The doors were locked the dog didn't bark so I knew he was in the house but nothing. And then I heard it. The Hulk laughs. Little The Hulk laughs. And then the Da Da Da's started. Seriously kid that guy isn't gonna save ya! But I still couldn't see him. So I got down on the floor and started crawling around myself. And there in the kitchen I saw him. I have corner benches in my kitchen. There is a little bittie nook where the two benches meet that he somehow crawled into. I don't know how he fit in the opening. Because to get him out I had to lift the benches up and move them and take a piece off. But he managed to get in there.

And then the rest of today he continued to go under the benches. He never went back in the little part again but several times he crawled under the benches and just played under there. I guess it's like a little cave. The first time I didn't take a picture because I was so scared from the The Hulk hunt. So he's not in the really weird part but I did get a pic of him just chilling in the kitchen. In the pictures if you look to the left of where he is at you can see the nook he got into this morning. Silly kid!

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