Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feeding The Hulk

Feeding The Hulk is one of my favorite things to do. When he first came home I loved giving him his bottles. For the first while I was the only one that fed him. It was a bonding thing for me. I was probably a little weird about it. I would only let Heather feed him if I couldn't. And I would always sit in the same chair and sing songs while he ate. Well and I would make up some crazy food that was in the bottle. Sometimes he got mashed potatoes and other times it was blueberry pancakes. It was just nice. Feeding him.

Feeding him is still one of my favorite things but for many other reasons. There is no longer sweet little lullabies being sung. And I don't joke about blueberry pancakes because now he really will eat blueberry pancakes! So no joking allowed. Now he does a lot of his own feeding and he has gotten fairly good at it. He can double fist bananas and slam them down faster than any kid I've ever seen. And mandarin oranges... you better watch out. He will bite ya if you try to take one off of his tray.

One thing that I love about feeding him now is the sound he makes. I swear with every bite I give him he makes this MMMMMM sound. With EVERY bite! It makes me feel like the best millet making sweet potato mashing mom in the world. I love that sound! He is so silly! I also love being able to watch him grow into this independent creature. What a blessing! He still needs me to feed him when a spoon is necessary but it's so cool to watch him take charge and do things himself. I never knew how proud that would make me! Kids rock! And while he is doing well at self feeding we still have a ways to go. Sometimes The Hulk misses his mouth as you can see below...

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