Friday, January 16, 2009

Co Sleeping

You know back when I was a perfect mother. You remember that time. It was before I had a kid. Yes that was a wonderful time. I had wonderful plans. One of my plans back then was to have a family bed. Yes co sleeping was on my list of things to do. In all of my pre adoption classes they talked about how wonderful it was for attachment and bonding. Indeed that would be our family. All cozy and warm in our family bed. Bonded and happy sleeping in attached bliss.....

Ugh not so much. This just doesn't work for us. I think The Hulk and I both are a little to selfish with our sleeping to make this work. From the time he was born he made it clear he is a solo sleeper. He wants to be alone. He likes for you to lay him in his bed and leave him the heck alone! And seriously when I try to have him sleep with me I'm a mess. There is no sleeping. There is a little boy kicking me in the ribs, clawing at my face, turning in circles and keeping me up all night. I don't feel blissful and happy. I'm tired and grumpy!

Last night I tried to put him in bed with me. He was doing this weird coughing thing that made me think he was choking to death. So I got him out of his bed and put him in mine so he would be close and I could make sure he was okay. Well he was okay. I was awake all night so I know he was fine. He was a twisting, turning little bed hog. I have a big bed and I got a little sliver of it because he just inches over and over and pushes me out.

So the whole family bed doesn't work for us and I'm okay with that. I would rather we both be well rested. So what parenting technique have you had to reevaluate since you've had kids?

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