Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

Wahooooo! Another round of free therapy heading my way!MckMama is hosting this great carnival. Gotta love the Not Me's. Since I'm oh so perfect in every way there is no way I did any of this stuff. Nope Not Me!!!!

I did NOT eat yummy yummy pizza tonight when I'm supposed to be watching what I eat. I wouldn't eat something like that. It makes my blood sugar go through the roof so it for sure wasn't me.

I did NOT put my baby in a laundry basket and drag him around the living room like it was a sled. Nope! And I most certainly did NOT think about using that basket as a containment toy for when I need to go to the bathroom. And I definitely did Not find it incredibly funny that he used that basket as a toy for 30 minutes and then got himself trapped in it several times.

I did NOT scream a curse word in front of the baby because he did NOT bite my arm hard enough to make it bleed. Nope NOT me and for sure Not him. The Hulk would NOT be biting like crazy now. I also would NOT be begging for advice from the rest of you on how to get him to NOT bite me. Since he doesn't bite I don't need advice. So don't give me any. NO NO NO advice for me. I'm NOT at all worried that I have a 10 month old Dracula on my hands.

I did NOT flirt with the FedEx man again this week. I do NOT find him deliciously handsome at all. I do NOT have a fantasy that he one day sweeps me off my feet and we ride away in his truck and live happily ever after. NEVER!

And I most definitely did NOT totally wipe out at the post office this week. That did not happen to me for the second time in my life. No one ran into me and knocked me down and made my packages fly every where. Nope that didn't happen to me!

So what did you NOT do this week???

Clickin Mama

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