Monday, February 2, 2009

Adoption Raffle

Okay we all know what a fan I am of adoption! And we also know what a fan I am of photography. Actually that's two of my most favorite things!!!! So here is a wonderful combination I've got to tell you about. It's Claire's Super Huge Adoption Raffle-Raiser! A wonderful family is adopting a baby girl from Korea. And to help with some of the adoption expenses (Lord I remember the expenses!) they have created this awesome Raffle. When you purchase a raffle ticket you are entered to win one awesome awesome photography package. You can win a Cannon Digital Rebel and all kinds of goodies to go with it. So go visit the raffle by clicking right here and help bring baby girl Claire home! And if you win the camera you have to let me know! I'll make a post for you and brag about the big winnings on my site to bring you some extra traffic!

Clickin Mama

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