Thursday, February 5, 2009

Making Cereal For Baby

As promised here is another post about making baby food. I do make The Hulk' cereal. He likes it much more than any baby cereal out of a box. And it is a lot healthier for him. You may think this would be a difficult process but it's so simple. It takes about 12 minutes start to finish. Here is how to do it.

First select the grain you will use. My three favorites are steel cut oatmeal, brown rice (not the instant kind), and millet.

You will need 1/4 cup of any grain of your choice. I am using brown rice in the pictures shown.

Put your rice in the blender and grind it into a fine powder. It usually take me about 1 1/2 minutes to get mine ground up. I use the pulse feature and that helps.

Put 1 cup of water in a small pan on the stove and bring to a boil while you grind up the grain.

Once it is boiling add the grain and mix with a whisk. Reduce heat to low and let simmer for about 10 minutes.

Once it gets to the consistency you desire just spoon it into little bowls and refrigerate.

Some words of advice.... Don't freak out if it gets to thick or to thin. If it's too thick just add a little water and stir. If it's too thin just cook it awhile longer and it will thicken up. Also serve the cereal within 3-4 days. It's not so good after that. You can mix anything in with it, fruits, veggies, etc. As your baby gets older you can also mix in beans but we will talk about beans next time... Certainly email me or leave a comment if you have any questions.

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