Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Working Girl...

Yes you read that right I'm now a working girl! And not the kind of working girl that stands on a corner. Yes I know some of you fools have a dirty mind! I'm the kinda working girl that gets up and puts on a nice outfit and does her hair and goes to an office for 8 hours a day. The kind of working girl that takes her adorable wonderful baby to daycare with Miss Liz and goes and sees adults all day while he plays with children. The kind of working girl that no longer has to worry (as much) about money. The kind of working girl that is oh so very excited for some adult interaction! I love my boy but this mama needs a J-O-B job!

It's the job that I applied and interviewed for a couple weeks ago and I am just so very excited that they offered me the position. I'm just so dang excited to have a job! Seriously I don't know if you understand my excitement at this point. I'm down to my last $120.00 and I was really starting to get worried. So YIPPEEE for me!!!! I start work Thursday! Wahoooooooo!!!!

Clickin Mama

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