Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Fun times ahead! Actually I'm not a huge super bowl fan. But I love the commercials and the halftime show. And of course all the yummy Super Bowl party foods! Wahoo! So The Hulk and I will be enjoying a super shindig out at my brother's house.

Then for the first time ever I'm leaving The Hulk overnight. The Hulk is going to stay with my brother tonight and I'm going to Wichita for some sister time with Heather! I'm gonna do it. I've been preparing myself all day. The Hulk and I even talked about it. Just because I'm going doesn't mean I won't come back. I think he is good with it. After 10 months the kid is probably praying for a break from me.

Heather is actually having an outpatient procedure done tomorrow. So we are having fun girl time tonight and then tomorrow I'm taking care of her. I'm a good sister like that. I would even get her soup if she wanted. Heck I might even get her a balloon bouquet. How thoughtful am I! And because I'm nice to our family and friends I'll even twitter updates on how she is doing tomorrow. So for How Is Heather updates just check the side of my blog and you will find the news.

Hope you all have a Super Sunday!!!!

Clickin Mama

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