Thursday, February 26, 2009

Work With Me

The other night I kept my nieces Mattie and Kerrington while my brother and his wife went on a date. I'm getting better at caring for all three kids at once. But some things are still a bit of a struggle. The biggest problem is when I have to feed Kerrington. For some reason anytime I feed that baby The Hulk will sob and sob. He hates it! So that night I asked Mattie to be my big helper. She really likes to "hep you" lately. So I put The Hulk in the saucer and asked Mattie to play with him. Usually she dances and sings for him but this time she decided to "weed to him".

I started feeding the baby and Mattie pulled her little stool up beside the saucer and gave The Hulk a book and then started reading to him in her jibber jabbish. But The Hulkept throwing his book on the floor. Mattie picked it up and gave it back several times and then I about died laughing when I heard her say. "Damn The Hulk work with me". I don't know where the damn part came from but I say work with me quite a bit. When I'm trying to get one of them dressed and they are squirming away or trying to feed two kids and they both are melting down I will say work with me guys. I guess she is always listening!

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