Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday

Well another week has gone by. Which means that it's not just Monday but it's Not Me Monday! My free therapy session is ready to begin. Do you think you are up to hearing about the things I did NOT do.... You may want to cover your eyes and peek through your fingers because it might get a little scary.

I did NOT create a lovely birthday cake for my sister, place it in the oven and then forget about it. I did NOT go outside to do some yard work and come back in an hour later and wonder what was burning... And I did NOT find a blackened brick of what was supposed to be a strawberry cake in my oven.

I did NOT make a second cake and when the time arrived to frost the said cake realize that instead of cream cheese frosting I had purchased rainbow chip frosting. I did NOT frost the cake and then try to convince my sister that her favorite cake is really strawberry cake with rainbow chip frosting....

I did NOT put a load of towels in the washing machine and return several days later to find them still in the washing machine. I didn't just add more towels to the load and start the washer again.

I did NOT wonder how in the hell we were going to survive the church picture fiasco. I did NOT consider just leaving and having our names in the directory rather than a picture. And I did NOT consider changing churches and joining a church that does not have directories.

I did NOT recall that my mom and dad divorced shortly after getting church directory pictures taken years ago. And I did NOT recall that my mom and step dad also divorced shortly after having church directory pictures taken. So it really did NOT occur to me while sitting there that the church directory really is the cause of divorce and family drama. I did NOT say a little prayer of thanks that The Hulk' adoption is finalized. At least that way the church directory pictures couldn't screw that up too!

I did NOT get a little emotional this week when I picked The Hulk up from daycare one day. When I got to the house he was standing with his back against the couch and when he saw me he just started laughing and lunged for me. I did NOT feel my breath slip away as I caught that little boy in my arms. I did NOT feel like the most important person in the world at that moment. I did NOT hug him a little tighter or kiss him a little longer to hide the tears in my eyes from Miss Liz.

I also did NOT let The Hulk rip a People magazine to shreds because I just needed 10 cotton picking minutes of peace the other night to pay a couple bills online.

What did you NOT do this week.....

Clickin Mama

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