Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

Thank goodness Monday is here because I need my free therapy! I have plenty to share this week! So let's get it over with....

I did NOT want to call the Pampers people and chew them out for the changes they have made to their diapers recently. I did NOT want to send them the diaper that basically fell apart in the middle of the night and left my baby covered in pee soaked diaper pellets.

I also did NOT spend almost an hour online researching various diapers to find something that will hold the large amount of night time urine my child would never produce.

And I did NOT curse the fact that my baby is too big for any cloth diapers I've found out there. Do they not make diapers for babies over 25 pounds that actually work?

I did NOT change clothes 3 times on Friday due to spitting up and food spills!

I did NOT just chop up The Hulk' food and put it in a pile in front of him on the table at a restaurant so he could feed himself and I could eat hot food. I did NOT feel a little guilty about the mess and leave a big tip to cover my guilt.

I did NOT find corn and peas in my purse because The Hulknocked them off the table and I foolishly left my purse within a 10 foot radius of him when eating.

I did NOT take almost an hour of video of The Hulk crawling around and being silly so I could post some of it on this blog for his grandparents to see. If I did that I would have posted it. But I did NOT curse my computer and video camera for not working together to allow me to upload said video to post. ARGH!

And I did NOT let The Hulk stay up late 2 nights this week just because I missed his little face and wanted to spend time with him.

What did you NOT do this week?

Clickin Mama

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