Friday, February 20, 2009

Adoption Thoughts

With The Hulk' birthday looming just a month away I've been pondering my second adoption more and more. It doesn't help that the adoption agency keeps calling me with possible matches. Yes they call frequently. I keep track of their calls for some reason. I don't know why but I do this. So today's call made 17 calls since The Hulk came home. How crazy is that. I waited a year for The Hulk! I had three failed adoptions! And now that I have a baby the calls keep coming. Funny how that works.

Anyway today the social worker called to let me know about a situation with a baby due in two months. We talked about that and I let her know that I needed to wait awhile longer. She understood that but asked when I thought I would be ready. I was honest and told her I really didn't know. We have a meeting set up for next week so I told her I would try to have some answers then. It is our 1 year follow up meeting! Basically she will come out the house to visit The Hulk and I. I even heard a rumor that he and I get a present... I wonder what it will be?

I always said I'd go back on the waiting list when The Hulk was a year old. But now that I have him and he is getting to such a fun age I really just want to enjoy him. Something happened when I took him to the beach in Texas over Christmas. It was so fun to do that with him. The way he laughed made my heart so happy. And it makes me want to do more things with him. The older he gets the more fun he gets. And to be honest I don't know how much traveling I'd be able to do with him if I had a newborn too. So I think I should wait and have some fun with him as a single and then add a second one in.

Also I still need to do some money saving. My new job doesn't offer a paid maternity leave. So I need to replenish the savings from the jobless fiasco to cover my maternity leave as well as the expenses for the adoption. I have the majority of adoption number 2 paid for. I will just have to come up with the $8500.00 for the placement fee and the $1500.00 for the attorney's fees. So not much. Just 10 grand! Ridiculous right!

So now that I've typed that out it's pretty obvious I need to not go on the list for awhile. I think now that waiting till The Hulk is 2 would be good. If it takes another year to match like it did with him then he would be 3 and that seems like a good spread for kids.... Doesn't it?

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