Sunday, February 15, 2009

Baby Whatcha Reading

The Hulk and I would like to take a moment to recommend our top books of the week! Of course we love all books. But we all know that books are not created equally. Some just happen to be a little better than others. And we have spent a lot of time finding the best and unfortunately the worst of children's books. So if we can save you time and money we will just share our tops picks with you!

We must share with you our love of all books written by Marianne Richmond! One of our favorites is I Love You so Much... The Hulk is showing it to you in the top picture. Trust us it's a book you can really sink your teeth into. :-) Seriously Marianne has a talent! Her books are wonderful. They show children of all colors, they depict a wide variety of families, they share positive messages about self esteem, unconditional love, and acceptance, and they are just down right fun!!! The Hulk and I read her books the most and he laughs and every time! Now I just hold up one of her books and he goes nuts! Buy one, buy two, buy them ALL!!!!!

Something I have noticed since having The Hulk is how "white" children's books can be. I'm not a big fan of that. So almost anytime I find a book that depicts any other race in a positive manner I grab it up and add it to our collection. I have quite a bit of luck finding some fun books that show how everyone is different but ultimately very much the same. If you have any suggestions of books we should check out let us know! Someone has a birthday coming up soon!

Right now The Hulk also really likes animals and any book that I can turn into a song or rhyme. Rhymes make him laugh. So we read lots of animal books! He also really likes the book My Spiritual Alphabet Book. It is a rhyming singing book of fun! Lots of laughs and a little Jesus in the heart to boot! Good times!

What books are you reading to your kids?

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