Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Around The House

Tomorrow is the big day! I get to start my new job! Wahooo!!! So since I'm trying to get some things done around here I don't have time for a long post. But here are some things that you can find around our house...

This picture is hanging in our hall bathroom. I call it Heather's bathroom. She loves all things related to the ocean. So she decorated this room.

This calendar belonged to my mom. I have never taken it down. In fact I haven't even changed the calendar since she died. It's forever September here.... Morbid maybe but for some reason I find it oddly comforting.

The Hulk' cabbage patch doll he got from Pop and Granny for Christmas. He loves Buddy! Every night The Hulk and Buddy sleep together. He must have that blanket and buddy to get a good nights sleep.

My overflowing book basket. All the books I plan on reading "someday". I never seem to make much progress on the basket. Every time I read a book it seems like I add two more to the basket.

And Slinky Dog! Slinky Dog makes The Hulk laugh. But Slinky Dog must stay out of The Hulk' reach. It seems that Slinky Dog likes to eat baby afro puffs. And when Slinky Dog gets stuck in the fro some baby cries a lot.

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