Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bye Bye Pacifier

A couple days ago I was beginning to ponder when The Hulk would have to give up the pacifier. He and Mr. Binkferd as we call the pacifier really only spend time together during naps, bed time and major meltdowns. But I figured we at least needed to say farewell in a couple months when The Hulk turned 1. Well there has been a change of plans.

It seems that today The Hulk had a brilliant idea to shove all of Mr. Binkferd into his month. The whole dang pacifier. He of course did this when Miss Liz was out of the room changing another kiddo's diaper. So when she came back he was struggling for air and vomiting all over. And Mr. Binkferd was logged in his throat. Nice!

So Miss Liz called me very upset at work. She got the pacifier out and thought The Hulk was okay but wanted me to make the decision. I felt so bad for her. She was terrified. So I went and picked him up a little early and he was happy and find when I got there. But we didn't bring Mr. Binkferd home with us. We threw him away.

And this evening I gathered all of the pacifiers up and we put them in a bye bye Binkferd box and threw them away. No more little choking hazards around here. Nothing like giving it up cold turkey. The Hulk actually did well at bed time without his friend. He jabbered in there for a lot longer than usual but he never cried about it. I figured we would have a few nights of crying but I'd rather have that then a choking baby. So we will see how it goes.

Who would have ever guessed a pacifier would be a hazzard....

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