Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I've blogged about Kiva before but I have to blog about it again. I just really think it's a wonderful concept. If you have never heard of Kiva before you really must visit their website because my explanation won't do it justice. But basically what Kiva does is allow regular people like you and me to donate money to people all over the world. What we do is make a donation and that funds a loan for individuals in third world countries to start a business, get more animals for their farm, etc. It allows them to become self sufficient. What happens is a bunch of us make small loans for $25 or $50 and then that one person in another country gets our pool of money for like $1000. They get the supplies they need to start their business and make payments on the loan every month. As we are paid back from that loan we can either have the money refunded to us or we can loan again. Awesome right!

I've been loaning through Kiva for 18 months now. I started out by donating $200.00 seperated between four different people. My first four loans are all paid off. So I have reloaned that same $200.00 again and again. I've actually loaned that same $200.00 five times now! I've helped a total of 27 people fund their own small business and become self supporting! I think that is amazing.

So go visit and help someone build their future!

Clickin Mama

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