Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scary Monster

My niece Mattie is obsessed right now with scary monsters. Except she says it more like scerry monster. She is convinced that a scary monster lives on my back patio. It is actually the train horns that she hears outside but no matter how many times we tell her that she doesn't believe us. In her mind it is for sure a scary monster. So this weekend when the scary monsters were being wild outside I gave her a monster wacker so she could fight them off if need be. She was thrilled! Who knew that a fly swatter could double as a monster wacker and make a 2 year old feel so powerful. Here is the little monster wacker in all her monster wacking glory. Silly kids!

After all the scary monsters have gone away Mattie does other things
to help out. She will rub her Aunt Heather's feet to make her feel better. And she will also get your boots worn in for you. Oh the amazing skills of toddlers. So creative, helpful, and funny....

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