Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Questions and Answers

On my old blog I did the question and answer posts every once in awhile. I haven't done one since I started this blog. But I've had a few emails and comments pile up that I haven't gotten answered and thought I better get to it. So here goes....

Do you ever talk to The Hulk' birth mom?

Yes I do talk to Miss Katie! We have an open relationship. Katie and I used to talk more frequently but now we probably talk about once a month. The Hulk, Katie and I try to get together every couple of months or so. I also send her pictures and notes on a regular basis. And for some reason we do a lot of our communicating through My space messages back and forth.

How can you afford to stay home and not work as a single mom?

Well this is an easy answer! I can't afford to stay home and not work as a single mom. Thank God I found a job! I was really reaching the scary place financially. It's a real blessing to be back to work. I can't wait for that first paycheck to come. Luckily I also had some money coming in from my photography business. And I have a very generous dad and step mom that hooked me up with a little dough to get by. I promise if your reading this I will pay you back. :-)

What photo editing program do you use?

I use a couple of editing programs. For most pictures I use Picassa. This is a FREE yes I said FREE editing program that is wonderful! Honestly I use it the majority of the time. However, I also use Adobe Photoshop Elements for editing. I can do a little more with it than I can with Picassa. Honestly Elements does a lot of great things I have yet to figure out. I need to take a class on photoshop one of these days.

Why don't you post more pictures on your blog?

Okay I think this comment/question was a joke. I'm gonna hope it's a joke. I think I post quite a few pictures. Almost every day I post a picture. So the real question is for the readers do you think I post enough pictures?

Okay that's all I have time for tonight. If you have any questions for me leave them in the comments or email me. I'm happy to answer almost anything.

Clickin Mama

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