Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's another great Monday! And that means it's time for Not Me Monday! This is my chance to be brutally honest and live to tell all about it! So fasten your seatbelts and keep your arms inside! Lets get ready to take the Not Me ride!!!!

I did NOT set four alarm clocks on Wednesday night so I wouldn't oversleep for my first day of work on Thursday! I was NOT at all worried that I would sleep in because I have NOT been sleeping in past 8:00 for the past couple months....

I also did NOT cry and cry on Wednesday night because I was worried about my sister. I did NOT want to drive as fast as I could to be with her and say screw the new job! I did NOT cry myself to sleep from sister guilt!

I did NOT make myself cinamon toast, eat it and then when I was cleaning up the kitchen realize that it was really ground cumin I had put on my toast rather than cinamon.

I did NOT find a raisin in my bra when I took it off one night this week. I also did not find a whole cherrio in The Hulk' diaper this week either. I do NOT spend time wondering how in the hell we get food in such odd places....

I did NOT pay the toll for the drive between Heather's place and mine with a $2 bill, $1.00 worth of dimes, and 85 cents worth of nickels. Nope I'm NOT broke at all!

So those are the things I did NOT do this week... How about you????

Clickin Mama

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