Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today I filled out an application for The Hulk to get a passport. We are going to be taking a trip and he will need one. And since I had such a horrible passport getting experience we are starting the application process well in advance! I think I have passport PTSD from the last time I applied!

So I was filling out the application and it asked for his mother and fathers information. I filled out mine and left the father information blank because I'm his only legal parent. Well the application wouldn't except that. I either had to fill out the information for father or I had to check the box that says unknown.

That just really bugs me. I don't like checking the unknown box. He doesn't have an unknown father. He just doesn't have a father. It makes it out like I just ran around town and randomly had this baby. It makes it feel yucky to me. I don't like the unknown box. So I'm going to send a little letter to the passport people and ask them to put a box that says "adopted by an amazing single mother who happens to do the mother and father role very well." I might also ask them to put a box that says "my mom isn't a whore" or maybe "I'm not a bastard". Who wants to bet on any of those showing up on the application form.

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