Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Monday

Well it's been a good day here. Actually last night was really fun. I did cry a little about leaving The Hulk. Dang that mother's guilt! But once I got to Heather's house I had a wonderful time joking around with her and just hanging out. I'm thinking that one weekend I need to see if Darby and Chris will keep The Hulk and maybe I could go spend the whole weekend with Heather in the big city. We haven't had just a sisters weekend since The Hulk was born. Our last meal as just the two of us was Easter Sunday right before we got the call about the baby. I didn't realize how much I missed alone time with her until I got there. So now that The Hulk and I survived a night alone we will have to do it again!

This morning her surgery went so smooth. We were in and out of the hospital in a matter of hours and were home and napping by 10:30 or so. We got rested up and just hung out for awhile. She was feeling pretty good when I left her in the capable hands of her boyfriend Doug.

I've got some things to get done around the house so I better get to it...

Clickin Mama

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